Chris Rea at Brands Hatch with his Lotus VI and co-driver Richard Hodson.
Jean Pierre Hubin's Lotus IX at Le Mans 
Franco Meiner's Lotus XI at Le Mans

A Note from a happy customer!

"A very quick word to say that the new 1500 in the eleven went like stink at Mallory.

We had it on the rolling road and retuned the carbs and ign after the Oulton disaster.

Calcs said 136hp at the wheels and there was noticeably more power than my previous engine … although quite top – endy, and it was sufficiently powerful to break a half-shaft cleanly after about 20 laps.

I was driving well and I lapped about 3 secs quicker than my previous best and I reckon that at least half of that was the motor!

Thanks Glyn."

Barry D

Richard Hodson jumps 32 places in the Woodcote Trophy.

Richard Hodson in the Woodcote Trophy at the Siverstone Classic on the 23rd July. Coming from 52nd and dead last after brake problems in qualifying, to finish 20th, and first in class by a lap. 

This was the first race with his new 1490 engine in Chris Rea's Lotus VI, and was competing against a field of 2, 3 and 3.5 litre cars.

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One of our engines finishes fourth at Goodwood.

Our engine installed in John Bond-Smith’s Rejo Mk 3/4 before starting in the Madgwick Cup at last years Goodwood Revival.

Driven by Miles Griffiths and guest driver Paul Radisich, it started eighth and came home fourth, only beaten by Lotus 15s with 2 or 2.5 litre FPF power.

Demoted to fifth in the final classification due to a (very modest) startline indiscretion by Paul Radisich.

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